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The Weed Man Jenison, MI team lives and works in the communities that we serve. Offering quality service is our main goal for our customers and neighbors. Meet your Jenison, MI Weed Man team of lawn specialists who are professionally trained to manage all of your lawn care needs. We're happy to introduce ourselves!


Brett Shine | General Manager

16 years experience


FAVORITE PART OF THE JOB: The staff. Brett is open about the fact that Weed Man comes with a lot of moving parts. Watching a staff learn, grow, and produce together is what gives Brett what he needs to work long hours and enjoy his day with us.

WHEN NOT AT WORK: You can usually find Brett with his wife and two children or in a gym somewhere. He is a MHSAA Basketball Official and is the 8th-grade girls’ basketball coach for Wayland Union Schools during the Winter Months.



Joe Pellegrom | Service Manager

30(+) years with Weed Man/Christmas Decor


 FAVORITE PART OF THE JOB: Joe loves spreading his wealth of lawn care knowledge to our employees and seeing that knowledge applied. 

  Joe LOVES MUSIC. When he gets the chance, he enjoys going to see the Greats of classic rock in concert. He also loves spending time with his awesome wife and kids.



Isaac Vanderlaan | Sales

Rookie Season with Weed Man


 FAVORITE PART OF THE JOB: Isaac loves his co-workers and the chance to help customers understand the services they are receiving/ordering.    


WHEN NOT AT WORK: When not in college classes, Isaac is usually hanging with his friends.




Lincoln Russell | Sales

Five years with Weed Man


 FAVORITE PART OF THE JOB: Lincoln loves to learn all about what Weed Man has to offer so he can help current and potential customers reach their lawn goals.


 WHEN NOT AT WORK: Lincoln spends lots of time with his friends while he tackles his college years. Lincoln has been with Weed Man as a part of our Customer Outreach program since he was 16! He has grown into a lawn care professional.





Brenda Randall | Customer Service Representative

Four Years with Weed Man  


FAVORITE PART OF THE JOB: Brenda loves interacting with customers when they call. Since she doesn’t get to go out in the field, it’s nice to have conversations with them. She also loves everyone she works with. It’s a family environment and she enjoys the team effort.


WHEN NOT AT WORK: Brenda enjoys hanging out with her son and being a mom. She loves to coach his teams and be active in his life.


Jennifer Briggs| Customer Service Representative/Account Manager

Rookie year with Weed Man


FAVORITE PART OF THE JOB: Jenn loves the family atmosphere. She loves to stay busy and be able to be a force from behind the scenes.


WHEN NOT AT WORK: Jenn is a busy mom of three. That is where she spends her time running between schools and sporting events, really anything to get time with them.



Matt Jolink | Senior Technician/Sales

20 years with Weed Man


FAVORITE PART OF THE JOB: Enjoying the beautiful Michigan summers outdoors.


WHEN NOT AT WORK: Matt loves playing softball any chance he gets and has spent years on a quest with his brother visiting every single major league baseball stadium. He only has 7 remaining! (6 if you count the old Rangers stadium)






Trevor Humphrey | Senior Technician/Sales

6 years with Weed Man


 FAVORITE PART OF THE JOB: Meeting new customers and learning from our wonderful core of experienced techs.   


WHEN NOT AT WORK: Trevor is a new husband and father. Trevor spends any chance he can showing his wife and little girl how much he loves them.






Evan Richards | Mosquito Hero Technician

2 years with Weed Man


FAVORITE PART OF THE JOB: Evan loves to lose himself in the work. He finds peace in helping customers and growing the Mosquito Hero Division.


WHEN NOT AT WORK: Evan will be having his first child in 2023. He plans to have that be how he spends his time when not at work. Until that day he works as often as possible and as long as possible. It is not uncommon for Evan to be finishing a huge day at dark.





Jacob Henderson | Lawn Care Technician

4 years with Weed Man


  FAVORITE PART OF THE JOB: Being outdoors and seeing results with customers. This is the first year seeing the result of Weed Man’s superior product and he loves to impress himself and the customer.   


WHEN NOT AT WORK: Jake enjoys working out, playing video games, and writing poetry.





Derek Sturgill | Sales Manager

20 years experience


FAVORITE PART OF THE JOB: With many years at other lawn care companies, he is very happy with the Weed Man culture. He loves sharing his knowledge with the younger employees and watching them grow. He loves being part of a company that he feels truly cares about customers and loves to go the extra mile for them.

WHEN NOT AT WORK: Derek loves spending time with friends and family. He enjoys reading and relaxing. He is always trying to learn more about himself and the people around him.




Blye Sandy-Wilson | Customer Service Representative/Mosquito Hero Technician
Three years with Weed Man


FAVORITE PART OF THE JOB: Blye loves the family culture at Weed Man. It creates a work environment he can thrive in.


WHEN NOT AT WORK: Blye enjoys getting some peace and quiet at home. He enjoys listening to music and reading.





Matthew Maloney | Sales Supervisor
Three years with Weed Man


FAVORITE PART OF THE JOB: Learning about west Michigan lawns and being able to teach that to customers and potential customers.

 WHEN NOT AT WORK: Enjoys supporting his Kent City Eagles marching band where his brother is currently in school. Matt enjoys keeping up with international news and playing video games.




Jake Deleeuw | Sales/Mosquito Hero Technician
Two years with Weed Man


FAVORITE PART OF THE JOB: The culture! Jake feels his coworkers are as invested as he is in each other’s success both in and out of work.

WHEN NOT AT WORK: Jake runs his own small business, golfs, hunts, snowboards in Michigan winters, and plays his guitar when he’s not at work.

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